With more than 37,000 members, ASIS International (formerly the American Society for Industrial Security) is the world's largest organization of security professionals. Its members are dedicated to protecting the people, property and information assets of a diverse group of private and public organizations. 

ASIS members are management specialists who formulate security policy and direct security programs for banks, cleared government facilities, communications networks, hotels, museums, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, domestic and foreign governments and countless other businesses and institutions. Security administrators from the nation's leading firms distinguish the current membership roster.

Since its founding in 1955 as a professional, individual-type membership association, ASIS has continued to grow. In recent years, ASIS has accepted an average of more than 4,000 new members annually. Committed to advancing professionalism in the field of security, the Society is organized on local, regional and international levels, in a global network of more than 180 Chapters.

ASIS members are charged with initiating and supervising loss-prevention programs to thwart internal and external offenses ranging from acts of terrorism, the pirating of classified documents, industrial/economic espionage, and counterfeiting, to insurance fraud, arson, employee theft, white collar, computer and organized crime. They are also responsible for preventing or minimizing losses from such natural or man-made disasters as fire, riots, strikes and other civil disorders.

Representatives of companies or organizations that supply security equipment, materials and services used by security practitioners as well as security/administration of justice students can also be members.